Sunday, May 18, 2008

Foods I miss

I will be heading back to the US at the beginning of July, and as the time starts ticking, I'm starting to fantasize about all of the foods I want to eat. Some of these foods I used to eat all of the time, others I haven't had in years, but I just can't stop dreaming about them.

1) Mexican food- real, delicious, made in a restaurant by real Mexicans, delicious Mexican food. Salsa, guacamole, chicken tacos, rice and beans. Though I make a pretty good fajita in my own kitchen, its just not the same. I NEED Mexican food to have any quality of life.

2) Japanese food- I miss bento boxes at the Plum Tree in Ithaca or a yakatori combination with udon at Taiko in LA. I have supplemented myself this year by learning how to make my own sushi and tempora shrimp, but still...I miss a Friday bento box with my best buddies.

3) PF Changs lettuce wraps- I probably only have this two or three times a year, but it seems SO good right now.

4) Chick-fil-A- I long for a 12 pack of nuggets, waffle fries, and a lemonade. I will stop at every Chick-fil-A on the way from New York to North Carolina.

5) Indian food- can't find anything decent in France. Tried, and failed, to make my own curry and chicken tikka. Would kill for some masala chicken or a dosa from my favorite dosa place in Cary.

6) Japanese cook on the table- totally not authentic, but I LOVE japanese steakhouses, and will need to gorge myself on that at least three times this summer.

7) Schlotzkey's- as far as I know, the last one in existence is near the RDU airport. How I love a smoked turkey breast sandwich on sourdough with black pepper chips and a coke. Yummmmy.

8) American Coca-Cola- SO much better than European coke.

9) Rice crispy treats, chocolate cupcakes, and my mom's pineapple upside down cake. A million times better than some fruit tart in France.

10) SMOOOTHIEEEEESSS- I used to make at least one a day- they don't have blenders or frozen fruit in France. I will drink delicious smoothies everyday when I get home.

11) Whole Foods- I love everything about whole foods. Organic cereal, off the chain rice and noodle bowls, and just general delicious stuff made with high quality organic ingredients.

12) Waffle house- I don't even know where to find one of these, I haven't even eaten there in like 10 years, but for some reason waffles with some off the chain hashbrowns would really make my life complete.

13) Random cereals- like Lucky Charms, that I never eat but somehow feel the need to snack on right at this very moment.

14) Oreos and doritos. So bad, yet so good.

15) anything I crave whenever I want it, because the grocery stores are open 24/7.

America, I miss you!!! I will be home soon to gorge on your goodness!!!

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